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Prepare for Life’s Challenges by Learning How to Recharge Personal Positivity

A Quick, Inspiration Guide on Finding Day-to-Day Motivation

Each and every day we all face challenges and obstacles that must be overcome to continue moving our happiness forward. And while these events may vary in size and are quite different for each person, the positive way in which we approach them will always make the difference in the final outcome.

My name is Dickson Pua and I want to show you how to motivate yourself and others with my quick, easy-to-read guide on what it means to be ‘RECHARGED’ for each daily journey.

My book, RECHARGED, was inspired by the complex, “always on” lifestyle that people all over the world live today. Though the internet has given us many opportunities to educate ourselves, create friendships with new people, and explore the world in entirely new ways, it can be physically and mentally taxing because we’re ‘connected’ to it 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

That’s why I’ve created this book to help people learn how to quickly ‘recharge’ their positivity and stay hopeful and ready for whatever life throws their way. A short, simple book filled with engaging content, related quotes and awe-inspiring pictorials, RECHARGED will teach you how to start embracing positivity by finding motivation and inspiration in bold new ways.

Perfect for millennials who need help on finding hope in their busy lives, I truly believe that RECHARGED can help you kick start your journey down the path of personal and professional success. 

Look at what famous Author, Entrepreneurs, Blogger, Speakers, Trainers have to say about RECHARGED:

"Insightful book. I would recommend this book to those who want to really RECHARGE their life!"

- Jonathan Quek, Founder of and Bestselling Author of “Keep Investment Simple & Stupid"

"This book is loaded with powerful concepts to take you to the next level. Read it and get ready to RECHARGE!"

-Mario Singh, CEO of Fullerton Markets

"A tonic to the mind and soul. Brilliantly written straight from his heart with intention to make everyone's life meaningful filled with positivity."

-ShivaRamana, CEO of Bumi Mustika Sdn. Bhd.

"If your life is feeling drained, I recommend you to read this Power Packed Pocket Book to get Recharged!!!"

-Robert Riopel, Author and Trainer

"If you have read this book, I believe, you'll encounter lesser mistakes in your life."

-Yuki Ng, Social Media Influencer/ Writer,

"To be successful in life, you have to be able to consistently recharge yourself everyday. In this book, Dickson shares powerful ideas and strategies you can use to rekindle your motivation, spirit and energy whenever you face challenges in life. I am sure it will give you that much needed boost that will propel you to your goals"

- Adam Khoo, Chairman, Adam Khoo Learning Technologies Group

Start making positive changes in your life today by getting the book now! 

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